Why Women? Why Data and Diversity?

Today, only 30% of women are data practitioners, yet it has been established that economies and companies need to be more diverse to succeed.

She Loves Data exists to help break down barriers in workforce diversity, especially in the data and tech fields.

We focus on:

  • Women professionals (vs students), who are time- challenged when it comes to up-skilling. We offer a structured and accessible path to becoming data literate, or at the very least, intuitive Citizen Data Scientists.
  • Data and digital skills:  because everyone, from the CEO down, will need data skills from hereon. It’s no longer just “the data guys’ problem.” Here’s why.
  • Critical soft skills: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creative problem solving, as defined by the World Economic Forum.
    Our mentorship and soft skills workshops help to hone these. Because women who are mentored and have a support network are 2.5x more likely to be confident in life and at work.
  • Re-framing mindsets and in-person interactions: Motivation and confidence building is a key feature of our events.  Each workshop is  punctuated by inspiring career tips and sharing sessions from women  leaders in data. We also encourage members to form their own sub-communities, data study groups or mini #DataTribes.