A New Chapter with Loucine Hayes

Meet Loucine Hayes, the head of our new chapter in Armenia! With decades of experience in international development and capacity building, Loucine has touched many lives. We’re delighted to have her as part of the She Loves Data community, and here, she shares her story as well as vision for the new chapter.

Share something about you.

I repatriated to Armenia last year after living in 14 countries and working in over 27 counties in various fields. But I’m always focusing on building communities, effective business models and functioning policies. Throughout my career, data has been the pulling thread to stitch all pieces and decisions and make a wonderful tapestry. And now I am in Armenia to share all wealth, do knowledge and experience, inspire and guide young people to make bold steps toward attaining their dreams.

How will the launch of this chapter be a milestone for Armenia?

Armenia has made strides in IT and Data science. Sometimes it has been called the new Silicon Valley. There are many wonderful opportunists for women to get engaged in this industry and make better career choices, better solutions for their endeavors in entrepreneurship and other fields. Data can guide and help them thrive. The trend is there for women to get engaged and this will open a wide gate of opportunity and inspiration not to be afraid and make a bold step. The American University of Armenia Open Education (AUA OE) has a strategic focus to increase the engagement of women in the regions. We have the infrastructure and She Loves Data has the outlet to the world of knowledge in this field and together we can bring invaluable opportunities for learning and growth in this field for women.

How can members join your chapter? How will it help them?

Members can join by filling the volunteer form on She Loves Data website or sending a letter of intent. We will also have special events and meetings to explain and encourage members to join.

It will help them to get up to date training and skills in the field as well as make career advancement or start a career in this field. It will help them to network and meet other members and exchange of experiences and support.

What three things you would like to say to the young women in Armenia?

  1. Be unapologetically bold when pursuing your dreams.
  2. Be gentle and compassionate when dealing with others.
  3. Embrace fun and joy in your life with every moment and every step.

What is your vision for the Armenia chapter?

Opportunity for every woman to attain a meaningful career  in a data-driven world.

Share with us events or topics that the Armenia chapter will be promoting.

Career opportunities in data and connection to various industry leaders. Sub-sectors  can be banking, health, education, agriculture, circular economies and environment protection.

Start-up entrepreneurship.

Coding and algorithms.

Educational opportunities.

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Editor: Alexandra Khoo