Manupriya’s Career Change Story

Please share a little about yourself!

I am the founder of my online business “The Secret Pet Store” and a part-time social media specialist for She Loves Data (SLD). I was always passionate and excited to run my own online business. So, when my Reporting Analyst role got impacted due to covid-19 I thought that this is the best time to do what you love to do… I joined SLD to serve the community and also launched my online store.

What was your job like before transitioning into your independent firm? What prompted you to make the transition?

I always knew in my heart that I wanted to start my own business and be a renowned best social media strategist. I never saw myself working until the age of 65 and that too in a field which I am not passionate about. Plus I always wanted to do something for our loving pets <3.

Also, we all know it’s not easy to simply leave a good full-time job and start again from ground level. So I think it was meant to happen, as my role got impacted by COVID and I started my dream journey.  However, I also began my travel page on IG while I was working.

What is your job like now? How different or similar is it to your previous role?

Its a lot of hard work now definitely much more than before. There are lots of uncertainty and risks however the main driving force is that I enjoy & love to do this.

I would say this is completely different from what I did before, as I am coming from a data analyst background into social media marketing 🙂 also 100% more exciting then analyst role! Hahaha

So how did you go about making the transition?

It was really tough as I changed my field, I knew I had to start from ground zero. I had to do many online courses and thanks to my friends who helped to keep me motivated on the days I was about to break-down and when I started doubting myself. Being an experienced analyst, it was a bit easy to get a similar, well-paying role but changing to a new career required me to start from entry-level roles or maybe internship

What were the major challenges you faced?

  1. Not enough work experience
  2. Time management

Were there any pleasant surprises?  Maybe you were shocked at how easy some things could be?

Yes definitely. I was at the first scared and overwhelmed with social media tasks at SLD as I knew it would be read globally, but now its fun and I enjoy it. For my online store, building the whole website from scratch was one of the things that I first felt would be so tough but turned out to be easy.

If you were to go back in time, what advice would you give yourself on this journey?

I should have believed in me and should have started working towards my passion sooner. But then I am happy as its never too late!

How has volunteering at She Loves Data helped you in your transition journey?

Absolutely! SLD gave me a chance to further develop and improve my social media skills. It gave me a platform where my knowledge and learnings can be implemented.

Bonus: I gained a lot more confidence as a social media specialist 🙂

Any tips or advice you wish to share with our readers?

  1. Be prepared to work harder than before
  2. Have a schedule & try to gain as much knowledge as possible
  3. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams!


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Editor: Alexandra Khoo