A New Chapter with Jitka Raskova

Meet Jitka Raskova, the head of our new chapter in the Czech Republic and Slovakia! A proud mother of two settling back in Prague, Jitka brings her wealth of experience in tech to She Loves Data. We’re delighted to have her as part of our #datatribe, and here, she shares her story as well as vision for the new chapter.

You have been involved with She Loves Data for a long time now. How has your experience been? How has volunteering at She Loves Data helped you?

I personally got involved with  She Loves Data four years ago in Singapore. It was at a workshop where women from various backgrounds and organizations met. All women came there with one specific goal – to learn more about Data & Tech. I am very grateful to She Loves Data for the opportunity to be part of the evolution of this organization. As for organizing events in Asia, I learned a lot of new things. I met many inspirational people and gained a new perspective on these dynamic and evolving industries..

This is our first chapter launch in Europe, how will this be a milestone for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the people of Europe?

Having an opportunity to join free workshops, webinars or meetups is a great way to learn more about topics that have impacted our personal and professional lives. Events we organise are conducted together with high quality speakers and big corporate partners (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, SAP etc.). We don’t ask people to sign up for long term programs. Everyone can learn only those topics they are passionate about.

What’s your message to women entering or re-joining the workforce in Czech Republic and Slovakia?

Come together to learn, connect with like-minded women and have fun!

What is your vision for the new chapter?

My vision is to bring fresh ideas and new views from inspirational people. It’s to build up on the great success She Loves Data has had in Asia and elsewhere around the world since 2016 when this organisation was established.

How can members join the new chapter and how will it help them?

Volunteers who are interested to join our data tribe, can contact me directly on jitka@shelovesdata.com and I will provide an overview and discuss our potential collaboration. Being part of the She Loves Data team is a great opportunity for every woman who wants to learn more and become a valid member of a successful global community.

Share with us events or topics the chapter will be promoting.

Digital marketing, Data and Digital Literacy topics: Power BI,iIntro to data, Python, Data visualization etc.

Soft skills topics: discussions with HR professionals, personal development, panel discussions with managers from various organizations etc.

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Editor: Alexandra Khoo