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Singapore Data Talk Series: Data and Business, two tribes one goal? 6 Dec 2018

6 December 2018 @ 6:30 am - 9:00 pm SMT

Datadriven events in Singapore


After fairly heavy and technical subject of  data engineering couple of months ago, discussing best practices for data integration, ETL, open source versus enterprise tools, we are going to be hosting very different panel this time and focus on what really matters at the end of the day. Business that is.

The struggle is real. Business (read non techies) still find it hard to find common language with IT and data science teams especially. We will highlight importance of unifying goals, influencing key stakeholders, perspective business users should try to discover and whether change in organisations to become data driven happens from top or bottom.

Pavel from Meiro will be MC for the night which will see some great female data leaders to share their experiences and lessons.  As always all our meetups are open to anyone and you can ask the panel question when you register for the event. This time we are hosted in cozy office of Rakuten who is also sponsoring  the pizza, yay!


6.30 PM – Registration Opens

6.30 PM – 7.00 PM – Networking and pizza

7.00  PM – 8.00 PM – Speakers presentations

8.00 PM – 8.40 PM – Q&A, Panel discussion

8.40 PM – 9.00 PM – Wrapping up and thank you



Ashmita Saha
Lead-Digital and Social Insights, StarHub

Ashmita Saha foto

Ashmita Saha (Ash) is a digital analytics professional with over 14 years’ experience with corporations such as Accenture, Intel, Yatra.com and StarHub. For the past 7 years, she has focused on the diverse aspects of digital analytics including web, app, eCommerce, social analytics and social listening. While working in Accenture, Ash helped set up the digital analytics reporting processes, templates, and cadence for their Products Operating Group at a global level. The insights resulting from these efforts helped power the B2B marketing and communication engine for the operating group, in optimizing spends and in identifying the most impactful target groups and messaging that impact business revenue. In StarHub, Ash leads the Digital and Social Insights team to provide actionable insights that help various parts of the organization make better, faster, smarter business decisionsAsh is intrigued by the multitude of data formats that are generated continuously through the different digital channels. Learning how to wade through this flood of data is an ongoing process for her. Her ultimate analytics goal is to have a truly end-to-end single customer view that includes a seamless understanding of customer psyche, behavior and buying patterns.

The world of digital analytics comprises a heady mix of diverse tools and metrics. The magnitude of data coupled with the constant evolution of tools adds to the complexity. It may be overwhelming for digital businesses to make sense of the madness. This is where data scientists play a crucial role. Come with me on my journey as an analyst to see how I like to tell the digital data story.


Deepika Rudra Murthy
Manager – Product & Growth Analytics, Rakuten Viki

Deepika Rudra photo

Deepika Rudra Murthy is leading the Product and Growth Analytics efforts at Rakuten Viki. Previously having lead Monetization she was instrumental in the significant growth of Viki’s subscription business and has in-depth understanding of all aspects of VOD monetization for both Advertising and Subscriptions.







Aleetza Senn

CEO and Co-Founder, Sparkline Pte. LTD.

Aleetza Senn photo

Before establishing Sparkline, a pure digital Analytics consultancy, Aleetza was one of Google’s pioneers in Asia Pacific, helping to establish the office in the region as its sixth employee. Managing the giant’s largest customers and helping them to develop digital strategy across their business, with a keen focus on digital marketing in search, display, video, social and finally mobile. In 2011, Aleetza won a Global Founders Sales Award for success in monetising YouTube In Asia, as the first employee in the region and responsible for laying the foundations for the success of the Youtube team across Asia.

In 2013 Aleetza launched Sparkline, Singapore’s first integrated digital analytics focused agency. Now,
Sparkline is a global business, with a presence in Malaysia, Philippines, and NZ, and servicing global
companies across APAC. The company has a multicultural team of experts fueling businesses with
knowledge of their customers and how to apply strategies to better market, experience and retain
customers through data-driven applications.

Always passionate about developing skills in the industry and paying it forward, Aleetza worked with Google and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) to create and facilitate, Squared Data, the first ever Data Analytics training program and internship for graduates, aimed at building the capability for data and analytics skills in Singapore.

An active participant in the digital marketing community, Aleetza evangelises the benefits of data-driven
marketing across all industries through networking events, speaking events and thought leadership.


Trina Teo
Regional Director, APAC, Exove Design Ltd

Trina Teo photo   A hybrid business creative consultant in the digital transformation and emerging tech space. Nice track record of selling ideas that work based on holistic, design-led strategies. Keen on exploring the psychological aspect of digital change.

The upside of innovation is a pretty vision, but human beings are hardwired to resist change. How do we navigate this conundrum when selling change to large organisations? This talk explores the human side of change and innovation, and 5 useful tips to unstick ourselves and others.


Well, pizza is provided 🙂 Please, come on time, as no one likes latecomers and pizza is better when it’s hot!

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