Interview with Jana Marle-Zizkova, Co-founder and Managing Director of She Loves Data and Leanne Robers, Co-founder of She Loves Tech

Leanne Robers, Managing Director, She Loves Tech

Leanne RobersQ1. Share with us your first meeting with Jana.

I met Jana in 2019 when she applied for the She Loves Tech competition under her start-up company, Meiro. We organised an event for all finalists in Singapore that was sponsored by Zalora. Jana and I immediately connected and knew that this friendship would continue even after the event. We had drinks a few weeks after and spent hours talking about all the potential opportunities for collaboration between She Loves Tech and She Loves Data and realised that we have so many things in common. Jana is passionate about growing the women in the tech community, a highly inspiring individual and such a powerful force to reckon with!

Q2. Why are organisations like She Loves Data and She Loves Tech, is important for women and tech? 

Both organizations create opportunities for women in the tech space. She Loves Tech’s grand vision is to encourage more women to step up in technology businesses. Whilst, She Loves Data’s mission is to inspire more women to pursue careers in Data and Tech. In my view, one of the approaches to drive this common goal is through collaboration with key partners like She Loves Data, that is to empower women in technology. Jana has empowered so many women over the years and I have heard stories from volunteers who have grown passionate about data just being part of the movement.

Q3. Share with us some of the plans for the collaboration? 

We are still very much at the early stages of our discussion in terms of supporting each other and working through our collaborative plans. We have been invited to speak at Asian Professional Speakers Convention on 31st August, 2020 and it’s our first event together representing She Loves Data and She Loves Tech. This is just a start, to many more things to come.

Q4. Your advice to women who are considering starting their own start-ups?

I have a bookful of advice as I have learned so many things over the years by making so many mistakes in developing technology start-ups and here are a few thoughts: –

  • Be bold and be brave, never be afraid to ask for help.
  • Technology is a means to an end. When building technology, ensure you are building a solution to solve an important problem. Allow the technology to follow the problem and not the other way around.
  • When experimenting with technology, it’s all about timing, in launching the product. Sometimes the product works and sometimes it does not work due to market forces. Thus, always be kind to yourself and keep trying till you succeed.
  • It is critical to have a strong team who complement each other’s strengths and are aligned with a common vision, goals and values to contribute to the overall success of a start-up.

Q5. Final words to our readers …

Do follow us on social media as we organise competitions in various locations and the women founders would benefit from participating in these events and learn from each other and the supporting partners as well.

Jana Marle-Zizkova, Co – Founder and Managing Director of She Loves Data Jana Marle Zizkova

Q1. Could you share with us, how did this partnership come about? 

I was pitching for my own start up last year with She Loves Tech and I was very impressed with the level of professionalism for the pitching competition, the level of support for female founders and the clear feel of the community’s presence. She Loves Tech has a foot print in more than 30 countries and I thought it would be great to collaborate. Leanne Robers, the Managing Director, of She Loves Tech and I met to explore collaboration between both organizations and both of us felt there were mutual benefits for us to come together and support the wider community, to reach out to more females.

Q2. When are you planning to announce the collaboration? 

We are announcing the collaboration as we speak.

Q3. Share with us some of the upcoming plans?

  • We want to talk about She Loves Tech’s pitching competition amongst our community to raise the awareness of the event in all respective countries.
  • There is an upcoming Conference by She Loves Tech female founders and She Loves Data is planning to participate and offer data literacy sessions for the founders.
  • For the She Loves Data community, we will have the opportunity to introduce our community’s educational programs in places where we are currently not present and invite those who might be inspired to start chapters in their home locations.

Q4. Tell us why you are excited about this collaboration? 

I met other women founders and Venture Capitalists as part of my interactions with the She Loves Tech community. I met some of the female founders and was so inspired by them and I personally felt that being part of the competition was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am super excited about supporting women entrepreneurs out there. I believe in collaboration between communities, instead of viewing the groups as separate entities. I hope this is just the beginning. We will find more ways to collaborate and support She Loves Tech. Leanne and I are very passionate and committed, and we will do our best to create and build a meaningful, long lasting partnership.

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