Meet the ladies heading our Singapore chapter

These are some of our most dedicated volunteers, ladies with a knack for building up our #DataTribe. Say hello to Jitka Raskova and Richa Tibarewal, our lovely co-heads for She Loves Data’s Singapore chapter.

How do you spend your volunteer time with She Loves Data? 

Jitka: At this moment, I spend most of my time planning and organizing webinars for the whole SLD community in APAC. We run approximately 2-3 webinars per week focused on 3 main areas: Data & Tech, Digital Marketing, and Essential Skills. I am happy to share that since we have implemented our online strategy in the middle of April 2020, we have welcomed audiences from more than 51 countries and we have reached more than 2,000 unique registrations.

Richa: The time that I spend working for She Loves Data community is my personal passion time. The energy rush that I get by working for the women community is fantastic.  At the end of the day, it is not about what you have or even what you have accomplished. It is about whom you have lifted up and what you have given back. I build long-term relationships with the partners of She Loves Data to bring more workshops to our community. I also work with various internal teams behind the scene to make sure we are consistent, strategic and relevant in whatever we do. As we are a volunteer-run organisation, it’s important to do reality checks and see if our activities are meeting real needs. Helping volunteers use their time fruitfully is another responsibility that I love to drive.

What inspires you to be part of the community and give back? 

Jitka: As a mother returning from my maternity leave, I find that She Loves Data has given me an opportunity to be part of this inspirational community. This volunteering role allows me to learn a lot about how business and event management works in Asia. I have the chance to meet and talk to people from various countries, cultures and various business sectors. I love the enthusiasm and energy you get from the community members who attend our events. It’s truly rewarding to hear that we are able to help someone to find a job or that we encourage women not to be afraid of Data anymore. I also learn a lot while actively listening to these webinars and attending events myself.

Richa: The gender gap in the tech industry is still huge. This is why we do what we do! I strongly believe, an inspiring woman is simply a woman who can fill someone with the desire or urge to do something worthwhile, leverage their talent, and explore their passion. She Loves Data enables me to do my bit towards building a community where like-minded women can come together to learn, share knowledge, support each other, connect and have fun!

There are so many women out there who genuinely wants to learn. They want to switch their careers or get back into action after taking a break. Post-workshop, we get so many encouraging emails from participants. We have seen women  landing unexpected opportunities because of She Loves Data. It could be a remote work opportunity with our partners or a networking opportunity that created a path for a new job. These are the stories that keeps me motivated. The entire team at She Loves Data is self-driven, and I get to learn so much from the team!

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Editor: Alexandra Khoo