She Loves Data is a social enterprise that inspires women to become active contributors to an increasingly data-driven world.

We organise events and workshops that help more women become data-literate, as well as provide mentorship, soft skills development and networking opportunities.

She Loves Data was founded in October 2016, and headquartered in the smart city of Singapore. In less than 3 years, we have grown rapidly, training more than 6,000 women from all walks of life and backgrounds, including non-tech individuals and mid-career changers.

Our expanding global presence includes chapters in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Africa, New Zealand and the United States.

Largely volunteer-run, our impact has recently earned us the recognition “Diversity Initiative of the Year” at the inaugural Women in IT Awards Asia last May 2019.

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Our workshops are for women from all walks of life and teach the very basics of data analytics, no prior experience required. All our workshops are taught by subject-matter experts, active in the fields of Data Analytics, Data Science and/or Data Visualisation.

Introduction to data analytics

Our Chapters:

She Loves Data in Auckland
She Loves Data in Hong Kong
She Loves Data in Jakarta
She Loves Data in Melbourne
She Loves Data in Singapore
She Loves Data in Sydney


Our members, volunteers and partners are all bound by our organisation’s values:


Raising one’s hand as a She Loves Data volunteer or partner means having a sincere commitment to seeing through what’s promised. Our word is our bond, upon which others depend on.
Our organisation remains strong because of a work ethic based on ownership, accountability, trust and respect.

Curiosity and Openness

She Loves Data naturally attracts the curious. Whether they are volunteers, members or corporate supporters, all have a desire to learn, to contribute, to connect, and to grow as individuals.
As champions for diversity and inclusion, we encourage openness to other views and the flexibility to adapt to change.

Generosity and Reciprocity

We believe in giving back. As a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organisation, She Loves Data relies heavily on the generosity of volunteers and partners.
As much as possible, we work for fair exchanges between parties whatever the currency, whether it is a person’s time or talent, or a company’s assets, endorsement or monetary support.


We like to keep it real. When we interview for volunteers, we emphasise integrity, humility and genuineness. No room for egos here!
Similarly, when we seek support from partners, we are transparent about what we can and cannot deliver. We tend to have long- term relationships with companies aligned with our values and goals. As we love to say, ‘our mission is greater than all of us.’


We like to create safe and judgment-free spaces, where everyone is heard, or at times, agree to disagree. We respect data (of course!) and make compassionate decisions based on them. We celebrate wins and move forward after mistakes, keeping only the lessons.

Interested in volunteering? Read our Volunteers’ Pledge to get started.