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#Beginner #Hiring  

In a world where the growth of technology is exponential, we are constantly trying to find new ways to understand our environments, as well as data within them…Lo and behold, the birth of Data Science!

Join us for an insightful evening as the She Loves Data U.K + Ireland Chapter, in partnership with Frank Recruitment Group, host our very first event within a brand new Career Series.

Our inspiring female panellists will give us insights into how they got involved with this fascinating industry, as well as the series of events which led them to pursuing a professional role. The panel will discuss the challenges and successes in the field of Data Science, how it can be applied across the industry and what we can be doing to ensure we are paving the way to a brighter future in business.

Learn more about how you can gain the skills to ‘break-into’ Data Science and what recruiters are looking for in 2023. Save your questions and come along to ask our panel in-person!

This event is an excellent opportunity for those who have an interest in:

– Data Science

–  A career in data/tech industry

–  Meeting like-minded people

–  Expanding your network

We look forward to welcoming you!

Registration for in-person tickets closes on Saturday 17th June at 23:59. Limited tickets available.

June 21st, 2023 (Wednesday), 06:30 PM to 08:30 PM BST


Cindy Weng - Speaker
Cindy Weng

Sr Could Solution Architect (Data & AI) @Microsoft

Cindy has over a decade of experience in data, covering analytics, data science, research, and cloud computing. She started her career in research at Northwestern University in Chicago and IBM before joining the industry world. She built algorithms for large automotive companies, multinational banks, global retailers, and natural resource conglomerates as a consultant at Deloitte. She then pivoted to the startup world to lead data science at HelloFresh, followed by a stint at BCG Digital Ventures working with large corporations to build disruptive technologies.

At Microsoft, she has helped many companies and nonprofit organizations build and improve their AI platforms in the cloud, focusing on scalability and efficiency gains using Machine Learning Ops. Her industry experience continues to grow, with recent customers including a Formula 1 team, the government agency that makes sure your eggs don’t have salmonella, and our beloved retailer who makes Colin the Caterpillar cakes. While data is her oldest passion, her newest ones are her two children aged 2 and 6 months, and there is no AI powerful enough to predict what they do next.

Emma Walker - Speaker
Emma Walker

Head of Data Science (Loyalty)@Marks and Spencers

Emma Walker is Head of Data Science at M&S looking after teams working in the Loyalty, CRM and Decisioning spaces. She joined M&S in 2020 coming from a background leading data teams in start-up/scale-ups in the ad-tech and app studio domains. She enjoys solving customer problems and balancing business needs with personalised customer experiences. Emma is also passionate about getting more women into STEM careers, and runs the M&S Early Careers programme for Data Science.

Emma’s background is in astrophysics having completed a PhD in 2009 and taking on post-doctoral research in Italy and the USA before deciding to transition into data science via an S2DS summer training school. In her free time, she enjoys crafting and making things, particularly knitting, although she’s recently crossed the divide and started crocheting as well.

Inès Rigaud - Speaker
Inès Rigaud

Data and AI Innovation Analyst @HSBC

Inès is an Innovation Analyst at HSBC working with large language models. She is passionate about exploring the potential of language models to derive insights and solve complex problems. In addition to her work, Inès also takes the time to educate her co-workers about the benefits of using language models. Her expertise has helped her colleagues to better understand and utilise these tools. In her spare time, Inès enjoys exploring her creative side through arts and crafts. She is a skilled crochet artist and enjoys making handmade items such as blankets, scarves, and hats.

Katherine Lord

Director (Cloud Technology/Salesforce Recruitment)@ Mason Frank International


With over 20 years recruitment experience across multiple sectors, Katherine is one of the most experienced recruitment leaders in the UK market. After graduating with a 2:1 from the University of Birmingham in Social Policy & Politics, Katherine moved straight into a career in recruitment. In senior business development roles across offices in London and the South East, Katherine had a successful recruitment career at Hays focusing on Finance, Audit, Compliance & Risk hiring. After having her wonderful children, now 8 and 11, she moved to grow an interim and consulting practice for a Legal Risk & Compliance boutique recruitment firm, the Danos Group. She was made Partner within 15 months, moved into a global business development role and launched her practice across the US and APAC.

After some wonderful gardening leave last year, Katherine joined the Frank Recruitment Group in December 2022. She is currently running one of their successful cloud tech recruitment divisions focusing on Salesforce hiring. The key to her own success is having resilience and consistency to drive best practice whilst working to her core values.


Q. Is it free to join?
A. Yes! Participation is free, but slots are limited, so please register early!

Q. Is it only for women?
A. This in-person event is open to all professional men and women. #HeLovesData too!

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