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1 June 2024, 9.30-14.00pm IST


Please note: This event is an offline, in-person gathering, and we will not be offering a virtual attendance option.


Transform Your Perspective and Embrace Change

In this empowering session, we focus on guiding individuals who may feel stagnant in their personal or professional lives. Discover effective strategies to:

Adapt to Change: Learn how to navigate through shifting environments and remain resilient.
Leverage Strengths: Identify and utilize your unique abilities to foster success.
Strategize for Personal Growth: Develop a tailored approach to initiate and sustain change.
Embrace Personal Transformation: Journey through self-discovery, shedding light on your own path rather than comparing yourself to others.
Celebrate Your Achievements: Recognize and highlight your positive attributes and milestones.
Engage with Your Narrative: Gain a deeper understanding of the stories you tell yourself and how they influence your behavior and decisions.
Identify Driving Patterns: Uncover underlying patterns that guide your actions and thoughts.
Utilize Support Systems: Learn how to effectively leverage networks and resources for support and growth.

Join us for a session designed to inspire and equip you with the tools needed for a proactive shift in your career and life. Embrace the journey of transformation and start crafting your success story.


Sowjanya Shetty
Founder | Attitude Makeover
Sowjanya Shetty’s career evolved from design engineering at Bharat Electronics to leadership roles in analytics and as Chief of Staff at top-tier firms like GE and HP.
She’s an entrepreneur who founded creative ventures like Bubble Wrap and Badlo India, sharpening her focus on innovation and the power of connection.
At Microsoft, she blended corporate expertise with an entrepreneurial mindset, culminating in the creation of Attitude Makeover. This platform is her commitment to empowering individuals to embrace change and pursue growth.
Sowjanya embodies the transformative spirit she champions, making her a guiding force for professionals seeking to reshape their careers and lives.


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