She Loves Data opens in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

We are growing She Loves Data presence in South East Asia!

On May 2nd we launched the first workshop in Malaysia – our signature “Intro to data” session for women.

And it was quite a special day at Asia Pacific University that hosted us. You can see the whole photo gallery here.

We had the largest number of attendees on the Intro to Data –112 ladies who registered plus a few others who got in to listen to Quinn and Steve – the total number was at 115!

At the same time, we had the lowest no-show rate ever – 11%. To put this is a context, at other locations we usually see 20-40% no-shows for our workshops. In KL we had to bring in extra chairs to squeeze everyone in!

We were humbled by many words of appraisal for the workshop quality and gratitude for bringing the She Loves Data community to Malaysia: “… the session exceeded my expectations and I left feeling positive and energized, …loved the flow of the workshop and appreciate the experience sharing session”, “…thank you for a great learning experience.”

This workshop would not have happened without one of my #DataTribe sisters, Anila Fredericks from Telstra. One more sincere thank you to Anila, her Telstra team, amazing SG & MY team from JetBrains, Steve from Minerra, APU and last, but not least my colleagues at Meiro for supporting this incredible data-loving community!

A special hug to Nelya Shakirova for keeping this all under control.

We are busy to prepare for the next session in Malaysia. Stay tuned while we are setting up the local volunteering group. Contact Arpita Chopra in KL if you want to help out.

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